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"Down In The Dirt"
CD Reviews

“Deeply rooted in blues with that sweet touch of soul this is one of those releases that grabs the listener right from the start.”

“There must be something in the water over in Kansas City...”

“Amanda Fish Band got the Blues in their grooves though they let the songs stretch and take chances.”

“Billed as a concept album that splits off into different genres with feet firmly planted in the blues, it’s a molten lava flow of emotions, thanks to the personal nature of the lyrics, and the performances of all involved.””

"Kansas City’s Amanda Fish is a dirty gal. Her emotions are raw and her visions are hard living, hard luck and hard to handle. The band is an equal to her pounding pressure and powerful presence. She is a fluid and intense vocalist who relies on control and technique, not screaming. Her messages about love, rage despair, homelessness and overcoming are delivered with style, phrasing and soul. The band is solid and jamming with a powerful drone and boogie straight from the core. The axework is searching and searing and the rhythm is rock hard and solid. The groove is never ending and the blues are true. You’ll feel her right in your soul."

Dr. Blues

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