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Release Date: 07/26/24
KINGDOM, the third studio album by Amanda Fish, waswritten over a six year gap and is heavily influenced by the events of the pandemic, riots, and government corruption, seenthrough the eyes of a new parent and frontline healthcare worker. A journey of faith, redemption, and hope against a backdrop of chaos and upheaval, KINGDOM returns time and again to itsmessage of truth and love. KINGDOM features a core group of musicians including Terry Midkiff, Dom Knott, Dylan Farrell, Glen James, and Paul Niehaus IV, along with friends Mama Moo, Billie Baumann, Bob Walther, the audience of the Augusta Ramble chipping in on additional percussion and vocals, and guest performances by Billy Evanochko, Jeremiah Johnson, and Richard Rosenblatt. The album was recorded and mixed by Paul Niehaus IV at Blue Lotus Studio in St Louis, mastered by Chris Latham at Gorilla’s Nest in Nashville, and it features ten all-original new songswritten and sung by Amanda.
1. Mockingbird
2. Sell The Record
3. The Hard Way
4. Unbreakable
5. The Great Reset
6. Broke Ass Blues
7. Work
8. The World We Leave Behind
9. Mother
10. Kingdom


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