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Walkin' In Memphis...because Uber gets expensive.

Greetings my lovelies I'm sorry it's been months since the last update. I could use the excuse that nothing interesting happened in that time, but we all know that would be a fib. However I can't remember a lot of if.

Oh yeah, we toured the Southeast US in November, last run of '19. Had a heck of a time, had Coyote Bill Bartelt, old Uncle Billy himself, sling the guitar with us. Did some beach walking in Florida. Returned to Hillsboro, NC and our friends at Nash St Tavern. I can tell you about the best fried calamari you'll get in the continental US.

December, well, you know, Christmas stuff.

We're currently napping in our hotel room in Memphis. Here for the IBC. Joined by Mama Moo and dad-in-law David. I like when the fam gets to see this stuff. Now they know the milieu we're in.

Lots of good music to be heard, several of our friends in various blues societies all over this great land competed. Plus, we got to see the Peabody ducks. If you go to the Peabody and see the duck parade and DON'T think it's the most adorable thing ever, there's just nothing can be done for you.

I'll be sad when it's over. These IBC and BMA weeks are a lot of fun, energy is in the air and the thrum of activity feels great, but when it's over it can feel a little grey. You miss the vibe, as it were.

Ah well, plenty to keep us busy. Like writing and recording new music, WOOP! We demoed some songs at our friends' home studio. Big ups to the Dillinghams for their hospitality and use of facilities.

The 2020 calendar is filling up nicely. Looks like a busy year! Stay tuned for more, friends. Much good things afoot!

-Glen Glen

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