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Mama Moo's Tour Diary 9/20

Hello, Mama Moo here… your on the scene reporter for the AFB crabcake tour. Day 2 of my captivity... The trip on my end started out on a train from KC to St Louis… about 30 min in, the engine developed a coolant issue. 4 hours later (I said that in a Spongebob French announcer voice), I hopped onto a party bus to resume the journey. Upon arriving safely, I was captured by Mini Moo and my grandpupper Kody and taken to their lair - lured by the promise of food and sleep. As promised, I received both. We reluctantly awoke and it was at this point that I assumed my duties as backseat bovine.

The first leg involved a stop at our friends' Bobbe and Charlies' home in Louisville KY. After a lovely lunch, we regaled each other with stories of our travels, Hollywood, aliens, voiceover work, and conspiracy theories. After this too short reprieve, we returned to the road and proceeded on to WV - my first time in the Blueridge mountains. Amanda and I sang a rousing rendition of John Denver's 'Take Me Home Country Roads' with Glen Glen, the driving machine, at the wheel until the siren song of Cracker Barrel caught our ears. Amanda took over the driving duties. They kindly released me from the backseat to join Amanda in front until we arrived late at our hotel in MD. That bed felt AWESOME!

This morning, appropriately refreshed, I assumed my position in my cow cave and we left for parts unknown - post a scattered, splattered, shattered and mattered (whatever the Waffle House lingo is) breakfast. I have decided that my captors are quite kind and good - they've fed, watered, and exercised me on the regular AND I've viewed PA, NJ, NY and CT out my window. Sure beats TV!! We are en route to our gig this evening at Cady's Tavern in Chepachet, RI. I'm excited to meet friends! I'm loving the travel and seeing new places. Hope to see you there! We'll talk again soon. - Mama Moo

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