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Glen Glen's Tour Diary 8/26: Road Warriors

We played our last gig in Montana in Noxon. From there, we drove a non-stop 26 hrs to reach Kansas City. We stayed there with Amanda’s parents, then drove the 3-and-a-half hours back home. Why would we do this, you ask?

Simple. We missed our dog.

Some of you will already know his name, but Amanda and I own a ferocious pit-bull/dachsund mix named Kody (actually Kody Kujo, not our idea, that was the handle the shelter we got him at bestowed upon his rascally hide).

He’s not just a dog. He’s really more of a force of nature. Brave, yet sweet. Bossy, yet deferential. Sweet. Loyal. He could be the real-life model for Scrappy Doo. That little goofball makes us happier than all the money and other material possessions we could ask for. And we’re pretty sure he’s as happy to have us too.

This is where I start talking about how love really is the answer and there’s not enough in the world and blah blah blah.

The little SOB crapped in my car.

Four times.

Love is ok, but an unspoiled, unsullied car is Heaven-sent.

But we kept the little guy, and just tried to be better dog owners.

Last year, during our first Canada run, we missed him so much we started calling other animals “Kody’s.” Cute or savage, large or small, didn’t matter. Every creature we saw was some kind of Kody.

Like ducks. Did you know ducks are actually winged water quackin’ Kodys?

We took it even further when we visited the Calgary Zoo. The brown bears were giant hungry Kodys. Giraffes were spotted long-neck Kodys. Zebras were striped Kodys. Hippopotamus? Not anymore. Their new official name is Kodypotamus.

You get the picture.

The worst was after the tour ended and we went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. You know the scene, right?

That poor brachiosaur never had a chance. And all we could think was “he reminds of me Kody, what if we left Kody behind when the volcano erupted KODYYYYYY!!!” (crying face emoji).

Yeah, we love the little guy. That should be clear from Amanda’s Instagram posts.

Everybody should have a Kody in their lives. A little critter you’d drive 26 hours non-stop just to cuddle with for a day, before you get back on the road and continue the tour.

We played the last gig, a festival in Gloucester, MA, and drove home between 21 and 23 hours.

I don’t know, I lost count and time zones confuse me.

Nobody can ever again doubt our road stamina.

But I got nothing to prove. I’d rather have a van and stay in pet-friendly hotels. It’s hard being away from loved ones. That’s the drawback of the touring-musician life. But maybe it helps us cherish those things in life. Kodys. Home. Our own bed. Our own coffee pot. Our home town.

I guess I’m saying try to remember what’s important in life. Don’t take good things for granted.

That’s all I had to say this entry. Thanks for reading my lovelies.

Send pictures of your Kodys!

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