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Glen Glen's Tour Diary 7/22 - "Blame Canada"

Had some days off after the first three gigs. Visited Mt Rushmore, which is MUCH smaller than I thought it would be. On the way to Keystone we rolled through the Badlands, which looked pretty darn good to me! Day after Rushmore we toured through Custer State Park. We saw some critters; prairie dogs, begging burros, antelope, and one lone tatanka (buffalo to all you Philistines who've never seen Dances With Wolves, for shame!). Got out of the car and took copious pictures to post on Instagram, because artsy!

Custer State Park is truly magnificent and inspiring. As is the entire Black Hills region. Hills and craggy mountains, not quite as tall as the Rockies, more like the Appalachians. Rolling prairie covered in these yellow flowers that made the air smell like honey and I'm all "Holy crap is this paradise??" Yes, methinks so my lovelies.

Yesterday we drove up from North Dakota towards the village of Portal for our border crossing. First, we got to see first-hand the oil-boom in progress in ND. Derricks everywhere you look. Not exactly picturesque but hey, domestic energy production is probably a good thing eh? After that lots of flat farmland, hardly any people or buildings or anything remotely screaming civilization and cell signal. But that's ok, glad there are still places in the world and US you can get lost in.

We crossed over into Saskatchewan, which is table top flat. I get a kick out of noticing the little differences between Canada and the US. It's not drastic but every so slightly different and makes you realize oh yeah, we're not in America any more. Example: kilometers. Another example: the entire Canadian landscape seems a little lighter in hue than home (well, I guess it started looking that way in ND too). All the colors up here seem a bit pastel to me. Sky is a little bit of a "whiter" shade of blue. Grass and leaves are are lighter green, etc etc.

Also, poutine.

I don't get it, I really don't. I just can't too impressed over a dish any drunk young male student could invent in his filthy dorm room after a night of revelry and ding-battery.

Otherwise, Canada is awesome. Saskatoon is like home to me somehow. Laid back, a little smaller of a big city than Edmonton or Calgary. We rolled in to the blues jam at Buds on Broadway last night, saw some familiar faces, Amanda sang and wowed the crowd. I drank Kokanee. SIGH!! :D

Tonight, we play at Buds. Sure to be epic.

That's all for now, more to follow.

Ciao my lovelies!

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