• Amanda Fish

Glen Glen’s Tour Diary 7/18

Technically 7/19 since I’m typing this after midnight (CST).

End of a three gig run beginning this tour. Tues was The Washington in Burlington, IA. Last night was Shaw’s in Minneapolis. Kevin Burt opened and sat in with us Tuesday, Ken Valdez covered guitar last two nights. Never been to Minneapolis, I really wanted to get one of those Minnesota Vikings hornéd helmets with the fake blonde braids and where it during the gig. Sadly, had no time to look for one.

After our gig a travelling puppet show troupe performed. “Puppet show, you say? Surely ot was lame as all get out!” Nay! This was no family oriented affair. They called themselves a Puerto Rican puppet show. They had a lady play scary music on the Hammond while the guys used homemade foam costumes to scare patrons. Part of their act involved them in a two person puppet suit that looked vaguely like a Twinky, winding around the crowd. The “mouth” of the Twinky would steal some item from a customer, then they would flip around and its posterior end would poop it out. It was bizarre! And awesome. Free day tomorrow, gonna hit Rushmore. Pics to follow. I tire now. Sleep. Ciao my lovelies! - Glen Glen

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