• Amanda Fish

Amanda's Tour Diary 7/31

Sitting up here in Calgary getting ready to play The Blues Can, our last Canadian gig on the Aurora tour. We didn't see any aurora, but we did see a lot of mountains and natural beauty. We also saw the West Edmonton Mall, the largest mall in North America. I love Canada. I love how, when we're driving through, it's country, country, country, CITY, country, country. It's like there is no in-between suburban sprawl. In Saskatchewan, they have a joke. If your dog runs away, don't worry, you can see him for three days. It's very flat. We played Monday and Tuesday at Bud's on Broadway in Saskatoon, then on Wednesday we drove 5 hours to Edmonton to play Blues On Whyte Wednesday-Sunday. Edmonton is an intense town, and we ended up going to the West Edmonton Mall pretty often just to hang. We also went to a church service there on Sunday. Other highlights of Edmonton are bacon at The Rooster, the Indian restaurant next to the hotel, and donair. We even had homemade donair and I got the recipe for it. On Monday we left for Calgary to stay with our friends, the Schentags. These people are awesome. We can talk all day and night. I love being with them on their back porch talking while the stars come out. Tuesday, we drove West a couple hours to Banff, a national park in the Canadian Rockies. I got so many pictures of mountains and we rode the gondola. Glen Glen hates the gondola. We rode to the top of Sulphur Mountain and hung out on the roof for about 2 hours, then we rode back down and went back to the Schentags. The rest we've gotten with our friends has been really restorative. Sometimes out here, we don't realize how badly we've run ourselves down, with gas station food, weird hours, and constant but inconsistent physical exertion can all run down the immune system, coupled with frequent contact with so much bacteria. You can get really paranoid of sick people and strange microphones. But the Schentags have been truly wonderful to us and we are reticent to leave tomorrow. But we have to. We have Murray Bar in Livingston MT on Friday and Big Sky Blues Festival in Noxon MT on Saturday. Then we drive for days to get to Mojo's Boneyard in Evansville, IN the following Wednesday, August 7th. Then we do Kent Stage in Kent Ohio the next day, and finish this tour in Gloucester MA at the Gloucester Blues Fest on August 10th. Then we'll get to hang out with some New England pals before we drive home to Kody boy.

Home in 1 ½ weeks. Prayers for smooth roads, good energy, and to bring musical healing to those who seek it at our shows. Amanda

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