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Amanda's Tour Diary 7/22

We're sitting in a Starbucks in Saskatoon sucking up the wifi while we get to work on stuff we probably should have done a couple weeks ago. Crossed the border yesterday. It's my third time out of the country so I still get cross-day jitters. To start the tour we dropped Kody off with Gramma Teresa and headed straight up to Burlington IA to play The Washington with Ken Valdez on guitar, and Kevin BF Burt opened for us. He did a version of Eleanor Rigby that stood my hair up. Then we went on to play Shaw's in Minneapolis MN, with Ken on guitar again, I got a rare chance to play my songs the way I wrote them. Ken is a professional and a really good guy. We left from there on to our third time playing in Aberdeen to play Schwan's Rec with Channing Minnema on guitar. It was nice to get to hang out with Lucas and all the Aberdeen folks again. While we were setting up we realized Glen Glen had left his snare stand in Minneapolis so we had to buy another. Road hazard of a different sort. Sometimes we forget things.

After we played Aberdeen we had the chance to check out some South Dakota tourist spots. Specifically the Badlands, Mt Rushmore, Custer State Park, and the Crazy Horse memorial. I finally got to try fry bread for the first time. I hate not really getting to cook much out on the road, but occasionally we do get to try some really good dishes. I'd recommend going to Mt Rushmore solely for the buffalo stew.

Once we finished our tourist adventure, we journeyed north through the Dakotas and were granted passage beyond the wall. We play Bud's on Broadway tonight and tomorrow night, then Blues on Whyte Wednesday-Sunday, then we'll have two days off and I'm sincerely hoping we get to go to Banff National Park again. Then we play the Blues Can in Calgary and cross back into the US.

Looking forward to the rest of this Canada trip.


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